Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glory Days

Do you find yourself reminiscing about a certain period of time in your life?  For whatever reason your mind wanders back to those "good ole days?"  Maybe I am just getting "old" and I like to remember all the fun times I had when I was "young."  I doubt I am the only one.

I tend to think back to when I was in college at UI.  I loved college and miss the carefree feeling of having your whole life ahead of you.  I loved the fun I had with my friends, loved the freedom of being an adult without all of the adult responsibilities.  My college life was awesome.  I met a lot of great people who are going to be life long friends.  I found out who I wanted to be as an adult through lots of trial and error.  I found my husband (in my last semester) after many crashes and burns in love.  All of this had a great deal of debauchery sprinkled in with everything else.  This is why my mind wanders back to these times and why I miss them and UI.  They are my Glory Days (at this point in my life... who knows I may grow older and find that now has become my Glory Days).  I even have dreams where my subconscious takes me back to these days.

If it weren't for this time in my life, and all of the things I experienced and mistakes I made and learned from, I wouldn't be the person I am today, which I have to say is pretty awesome.   I know I romanticize most of it and remember it now as much better than it really was but that is all part of it being GLORIOUS!

When were your Glory Days?

Now for the fun part... here is some pictures from those Glory Days.

Me and Beth after a game of Frisbee Golf.  We weren't very good nor very serious but we had fun going out and throwing the discs and walking the course.

Halloween 2002... we were on our way to a party.

I was an RA (Resident Assistant) and on a staff where I was the only female RA, which I loved (this is where Princess Megan became a nickname - and we all sang The Megan Song at camp).  We tried very hard to win the spirit award that year... I am taking the picture.

This is on my 22nd Birthday.

This is Rebekah and I at Beth's 22nd Birthday.

Kate and I used to ditch class to drive all over the Palouse.  This park with the teepee was one of our favorite places.

Kate, Katie and I outside my dorm room.  We were delivering some "gifts" to our guy friends.  We thought we were so sneaky that night.

This is my picture from my senior engineering project website.

And here I am almost 10 years later. (It is hot in my classroom - hence the pink cheeks.)

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