Monday, July 21, 2014

Shave Time, Shave Money

As a teacher I am usually short on two things: cash and time. We all know that teachers are infamously paid not a lot for the LONG hours they work... I have talked about this before.  Now I am going to go in to some ways you can make the most of the time and money you do have.

Here are my top 5 ways to shave time and money.

1. Ditch Cable or Dish and go with a media player (we have the Roku 3 & a HD antenna for local {FREE} over the air channels) and a subscription service (we have Hulu Plus)... so not only does this save us $100s but now I can watch my favorite shows on the go as well as when I have a minute at home.  I also can pause it and come back to it later if I don't have time to watch a whole episode.  It is awesome.  The Roku 3 also has a phone app so I can shave time looking for the remote because it is tiny and let's face it... it is lost in the couch cushions most of the time.
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2. Cleaning Supplies that come with refillable pods.  You shave money off having to buy the bottle each time and you also have the supplies on hand when you need them shaving you time off a trip to the store.  LOVE IT.  This one by REPLENISH is great.
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3. ROOMBA.  Okay, so I am gone a lot during the school year and when I am home I am tired and I don't want to do anything more than stuff my face and maybe pick up the big chunks if someone is coming over.  BUT we have two dogs who have lots of hair.
aren't they the cutest?
Getting a cleaning lady is just not in my budget possibilities but a Roomba was and boy do I love Rhonda.  She cleans every day while I am at work and I do not see any dust bunnies anywhere.  She is a saint.  Some of them can be pricey but if you look hard enough you can get a reasonably priced one.  It is worth it.
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4. BarkBox ( Okay, so I thought at first it would be a splurge but then I found a groupon and gave it a try.  After seeing the quality treats and toys my babies get each month and reviewing the cost of what I used to spend going to the pet store to get treats and toys I now know I am saving a TON OF TIME AND MONEY.  They come in different sizes to accommodate different dogs and usually have 2 toys and 3 treats (at least for the small pups).  There is usually $50 worth of goodies involved and subscriptions run you half that or less.
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5. Dollar Shave Club ( Here is another subscription service (which by the way shave a ton of money off your bills and time off your day) and this one is for the guys although ladies you can use the razors, too, but my husband goes through lots of razors keeping his face baby butt smooth.  Mostly because we buy cheap ones he has to throw away quickly.  With the dollar shave club not only are they here for him ready to go but they are great razors, too.  For as little as $1/month your man can have his razors at the house (you don't have to worry about taking your time to buy him more).  Plus there are great shaving supplies to support the razors like post shave moisturizer and shave butter.
Here is their f**ing great commercial. (And the inspiration for the title of this blog post.)
The last way you can shave time, shave money is with your makeup.  Younique 3D Fiber Lashes save you money on having to get lash extensions every month... heck that saves you time, too.  It takes me about 10 minutes a day to do my lashes up great and look like I spent hours and $$$ at a salon.
My lashes Before and After.  Seriously, 10 minutes!

Now that I have shared my top ten ways to shave time, shave money in my life share with me what you do?

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