Monday, March 1, 2010

Laminated Five - redux

All right. Mommytaco (aka Patty) has reminded me that I should update my laminated five. If you don't know what a laminated five is because you, uh, live under a rock or just frankly are not cool like me then I will explain.

It all started with an episode of Friends (Best Show of All Time) titled, "The One with Frank, Jr." from 1996. Here is a clip: "The One with Frank, Jr." In a few words essentially you pick the top five celebrities that your significant other would have to give you a "free pass" with if the opportunity ever arose. In the episode, Ross in true Ross fashion laminated his just when a person who he had eliminated from his list appears in the coffee shop. Funny! Anyway, one summer while I was staying in Alaska my future roommates and I emailed back and forth short lists of no more than five things... fave songs, etc. And being inspired the laminated five was added to this set of emails. Since then it has evolved, transformed, disappeared and reappeared. But unlike the Hott Guy List it hasn't died completely.

So, here we are with today and this blog post. I have been reminded that my celebrity crushes have evolved since my last list was "laminated" and so it is time to update it. I have been trying to find those likely places where the last list could be hiding but I am not able to find it. I know I emailed it out and it contained Zac Levi but I don't remember the other four. Now, if you are interested in play along please do and remember if you need a sixth position just like how Rachel gave Ross you can have an alternate. Anyway, on to the fun. Here are my five in no particular order:

1. Sidney Crosby (Canada's Golden Boy)

Okay, I have always had a thing for Hockey players... and Canadian Hockey Players are just that much more sexy. When I went to University of Alaska - Anchorage I had a Calculus class that was right after the math class that most of the UAA hockey team were enrolled in. I would go sit in front of the classroom plenty early so that I would make sure not miss out on a single hockey player leaving class. Of course none of them were as sexy as this Canadian Hockey Player!

2. Zac Levi (Lovable Nerd)

There is just something about Zac Levi. It doesn't matter if he is playing an asshole boss (in Spiral) or absolutely lovable Chuck he is adorable and whenever I see him in an interview he just seems like a super nice guy.

3. Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Badboy)

There is just something about a badboy and something about a vampire... a badboy vampire with dark hair and blue eyes. Oh boy! Heart be still.

4. Pierre Bouvier (Tatted Rocker)

Another Canadian, the lead singer of Simple Plan was always on my list but with the addition of his tattoo sleeve on his left arm he just became even nummier.

5. Gerard Butler

The word sexy was created for Gerard. He is great in comedy, romance and action and he can sing. Plus, he is Scottish and has a degree in law. Sexy, smart and can sing! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Alternates: Funny I had a hard time with number five but alternates no frickin' problem. Never had any alternates before but I am feeling inspired.

6. Brandon Routh (Superman)

Had no idea how good looking this superman was until he became a new agent on Chuck and he is NUMMY!

7. Taylor Lautner (Young Lycanthrope with washboard abs)

I have a Vampire so I have to have a Werewolf too. If he were older than 18 he may be off the bench but that is a bit oogie. HA! I know I have failed logic.

8. Christian Bale (Crazy Crazy Batman)

Okay, he is totally crazy but he is H-O-T-T so it would be a shame to not at least keep him on the bench.

All right there is mine. What about yours?

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