Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Last Friday I headed down to Oregon to meet up with an old friend, Danny.  

Danny and I in a photobooth in 2000.
A brief history: Danny and I were really good friends in college at the University of Idaho.  He and Kate were my best friends in college and for a few years if I wasn't with one I was with the other.  Danny and I attempted to date briefly (less than a month briefly) and decided that we were just better at being friends.  Okay, I will admit there was a lot more drama involved in all of that than I have made it sound but I am not airing all the dirty laundry.  After graduation our lives separated us and we didn't talk until a couple of years ago when more life events brought us back in touch.

We have talked about getting together and hanging out again since we had started talking again and last weekend was the first opportunity for us to actually do this.  I was super nervous at first.  Not only was I going to see one of my friends who I hadn't seen in almost a decade but I was also going to get to meet his new lady friend (and stay at her house) and his 3 year old son.  The nerves were all for nothing.  Once we got to talking again the nerves were gone and it was a lot like it had been 10 years ago at UI.  There really are people in your life that your relationship with them doesn't change despite distance or time.  I remember a night that he and I had went to Mingles for nachos and he had told me that he felt I was the type of friend that he knew we could go years without talking and when we did again we would be able to pick up as if there hadn't been those years in between.  Looking back his statement was a bit ominous because not long after that we didn't speak for years but we were able to pick up where we left off.

I have some really awesome friends, Danny being just one of them, and when I don't see them for a while we are able to pick up where we left off without missing a beat.  I am a very lucky person.
Okay, now on to the rest of my week since then.  I was coughing a lot while I was in Oregon.  I had been coughing almost since I first got to Washington.  I really had been blaming it all on allergies and just hoping it would go away but it was getting worse by Sunday.  I was supposed to continue from Danny's house to another friend's house in Hermiston but I was feeling so bad I couldn't do it and head back to CE and my mom & dad's house.  Monday and Tuesday I spent on the couch, coughing and being miserable.  I just wanted to get better and not have to go to the doctor but I was suspicious that I had bronchitis.  Finally, Wednesday, I woke up at like 4:30am and I couldn't breathe well.  I was only able to take shallow breaths without it hurting really bad and sending me in to a huge coughing fit.  By 7 I couldn't take it any longer so I went and got my dad and asked him to drive me to the ER at the hospital in Ellensburg (CE is so small that we only have a clinic). 
After talking to the nurse and coughing for her the doctor ordered x-rays.  Thankfully, I wasn't there too long when the doctor came in to tell me my diagnosis, I had bronchitis.  Not only did I have bronchitis but I my x-rays showed signs that I may have been developing pneumonia.  Ugh!  I left there with a bagfull of medicines and headed back to CE.
Once back in town I called and told my mom what the doc told me.  Okay, mom and I had plans to go find her a wedding outfit for one of my besties', Kate, wedding and then go to see Eclipse.  After telling mom about what is wrong with me she said, "well we aren't doing anything this afternoon" and I responded with "not even the movie" and she said no.  Apparently mom doesn't think you should go to the ER in the morning and all drugged up go to the movie in the evening.  Boo!  I think of being sick and drugged I was the most disappointed about missing this movie on the day it opened.  I had been waiting for months.  MONTHS!!  If I feel better today though (AND I DO) she said we will go today.
Anyway, that is what I have been up to this last week.
Oh wait I totally forgot!  I shipped my car to Korea!  This was the last step in the moving process.  We are now down to 13 days till I head on a plane to Asia and two uninterrupted years with my hubby!

Love, MW

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