Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School in Korea

Today started out with Adam leaving to go TDY for the week.  Don't worry... it happens.  No big deal except he has never been around for a first day of school but he apologized last night so it just goes in the pile with the other stuff.  That sounded a bit resentful but I'm not really.

Then I tried to sleep in to my alarm but at about 5:30 am I started waking up every 15 minutes or so and I really should have gotten up but I didn't I kept sleeping and so I felt extra tired when I actually did get up.  I got ready and made coffee but no matter how fast I thought I was going I ran out of time.  Ugh!  I have really enjoyed the last few weeks when I woke when I felt like it and sat around sipping my coffee checking my email and twitter.  Unless I get up at like 4 am I don't have that kind of time... and let's be honest I need my sleep and me and 4:30 will never be friends.  Lazily getting ready and sipping coffee is never going to be worth waking at 4:30.

Today was a Blue day for the schedule.  This means that Ms. Dubyuh has no Prep periods.  It is four straight classes (85 min a piece).  Since we weren't sure exactly where the students stood mathematically and we couldn't trust their transcripts or their parents (a 6th grader in Alg 2, really?) so we had to test them.  The kids were actually excited to show me their stuff though and even though they knew it wasn't for a grade they worked their butts off and sweated when they didn't know how to do something.  There wasn't a single moan or groan or eye roll.  Love these kids already.  I think the biggest discipline thing I will have to deal with these kids will be speaking English in class.  Oh that and they just go in the classrooms even when there is no adult in them.  Uh no.  It's going to be an interesting year! 

Tomorrow I get to be the sorting hat for math classes but I don't have a class to teach all day long.  Glorious, eh?  That won't last long but still how sweet it is.  I need it, though, so I can get prepped for the rest of the week.

And that is my little blurb about today.  Nothing exciting.  Now I am spent. :)

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