Monday, August 2, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things

When I am bored or sad there are a few things that will cheer me up.  Pop culture, my hubby, my family, my puppies and food.
I love this pic of Bubbles and Adam.
I am a huge pop culture fiend.  I love celebrity gossip and reality tv shows.  I love those two things mostly so I can mock the people involved.  Yeah, that's how I roll.  In general, I love all things media related: Books, TV, movies and music.

Here are some of my very favorites (They are numbered but not really in any particular order and probably left some out.):

(Most are supernatural sci-fi)
1. Southern Vampire series, aka Sookie Stackhouse books, by Charlaine Harris.  This is what the show True Blood is based on and where the show is dark and violent the books are light and funny.  The show is good but the books are better.
Book 1 of The Hallows series
2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and actually any retelling or continuation of the story for that matter.
3. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.  I have just one word for these: Dmitri.
4. The Hallows series by Kim Harrison. A supernatural bounty hunter that can't help but get herself in and out of lots of trouble.
5. Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. She is a bounty hunter with two HOTT guys to choose from and a blown up car in every book.
6. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Well written young adult novels are sometimes better than adult novels.
7. Alex Cross novels by James Patterson
8. House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast. More Vampires. I rarely find a Vampire book I can turn down.
9. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.  Ruthless architects make for a really good book.
10. Any of the works of Shakespeare.

1. Friends - This show will be at the top of my list every time even when I am old and gray.
2. Chuck - This show has action, comedy and a good looking spy.
3. How I Met Your Mother - I really want to know who the mother is, don't you?
4. Big Bang Theory - Nerd humor is just hilarious.
5. Big Brother - When I was younger I thought this show was boring and then about 5 years ago my mom got me started watching it and now I can't wait for it every summer.  I hear this is the last season ever and if that is true I am going to be very sad.
6. Vampire Diaries - HOTT vampires... hell yeah.
7. Community - I have just started watching this show but I love it.  Joel McHale is just wonderful in it.
8. Family Guy - As much as I would love to say I am more sophisticated than this I really like this show and it's sick humor.
9. Dirty Jobs - How did I almost forget this show?  Mike Rowe, enough said.
10. Mythbusters - I love Geek shows and being able to tell people that they are wrong because Mythbusters disproved it is fun.
**This list could go on and on. TV is a great way to relax your brain.**

1. Top Gun - Tom Cruise at his sane best. So many great one-liners.
2. It's A Wonderful Life - This movie makes me bawl like a baby every time.
3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - I really don't know why I love this movie but I do.  It is a great RomCom.
4. The Twilight Saga - Hott Vampires and Werewolves you couldn't ask for anything more?  Except maybe a movie series without Bella she is so BLAH.
5. Bubble Boy - This movie is so bad it is good.
6. Pride and Prejudice (Any version) - I love when Darcy tells Liza that he loves her against his better judgment and still is shocked when she gets mad.
7. Cabaret - I love most musicals. "Money makes the vurld go around."
8. Guys and Dolls - Another muscial but this one has FRANK in it. Deal sealed now.
9. House on Haunted Hill - the one with Chris Katan. "And where does that leave us?" "Out of Scotch, Ass."
10. October Sky - A movie with math and boys building rockets to get out of a coal mining town.  Love it!

MUSIC - Fave Bands
1. Muse
The Chairman
2. Simple Plan
3. LIVE (but they broke up and I haven't decided how I like the pieces they broke in to yet.)
4. All American Rejects
5. Cobra Starship
6. Good Charlotte
7. Jonas Brothers - Yeah, I like them, but this is coming from a girl who LOVED Nsync back in the day.
8. Plan White T's
9. Katy Perry
10. Frank Sinatra

1. Chili Rellenos - I am very picky about this.  Although I have come to tolerate the Tex-Mex version that are whole peppers battered and fried and served looking sort of like a rat on your plate my heart really lies with the version that is served up North.  They are sort of like a Chili and cheese omelet with enchilada sauce on top.  Oh it is heaven. El Caporal in Cle Elum, Washington have the best by far.
2. Farman's Garlic Dill Pickles - My mouth is puckering just thinking about them.  I will eat any pickle as long as it is sour and have been known to eat a whole jar in one setting.
3. My mom's lasagna - she doesn't use ricotta cheese but cottage cheese and it is the cheesiest lasagna ever.  I have now come to not really like lasagna that is made with ricotta cheese because mom's has ruined it for me.
4. Cheese - When I was in college I survived on a lot of cheese (cheddar or mozzarella mostly), crackers (saltines or wheat thins) and pickles.  One of my favorite easy dinners is to cut up mozzarella cheese and dip it in marinara sauce.  Not exactly well rounded nutritionally but it is delicious.
5. Cherry Coke - It is Cherry and Coke and not too sweet but just sweet enough
6. Prime Rib - I wish I could cook this and I have to admit I have never tried but I love getting it whenever we go to a restaurant that serves it.  With raw horseradish, of course.
7. Cheesecake - Again my mom makes the best and Adam has a very weak spot for hers.  I think she should start her own business selling them even.  We didn't have a wedding cake at our wedding we had a three tiered cheesecake that my mom made.  Num.
8. Pink Lady Apples - I am an apple snob.  Pink Ladies are wonderful because they are tangy and sweet.  I hate apples that are overly sweet and these are not.
9. Cheez-Its - these are addicting little crackers.
10. Huevos Rancheros - When we were living in Texas we would go have breakfast every Saturday morning and this usually meant going to a Mexican restaurant to have Huevos Rancheros.  I really need to learn how to make these for myself... this and hand made corn tortillas.


Lauren said...

Have you tried reading the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton? They are so awesome, although I have to say that her Meredith Gentry series is my favorite.

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

Lauren, I have read the Anita Blake series and they had been one of my favorites until the last couple of books. They have been disappointing lately. I do love Richard, though. I have never read the Meredith Gentry books... I should check them out.

hilary said...

Cheezits ARE addicting! PS-saw on your sidebar that you were an engineer-turned-math teacher. My husband is an engineer-turned-soldier...Crazy how life turns out!