Thursday, September 9, 2010

New TV is Here!

I have talked about my love of anything pop culture, TV, Music, Movies, before but today I am going to focus on TV.  Fall is my favorite season for many reasons.  I love the cooler weather, being able to wear boots and sweaters, and I love the fall foliage.  The other great thing about Fall is the return of new TV show episodes as well as premieres of brand new favorites.  Being that this year we are not in the US and do not have access to American cable TV I have had to improvise but it might actually turn in to a great thing.
Anyway, Wednesday kicked off the new TV season on the CW.  I love this channel because they come up with some fresh and new shows as well as take old shows (90210) and make them fresh and new.  I am so glad they kick off their season at the beginning of September and not the end like all the other networks do.  Boo!  The first new show I watched was from the CW and it was called "Hellcats."
Set in Memphis, TN at Lancer University the show follows Marti (Aly from Aly & AJ and Bandslam fame) who becomes in desperate need for financial aid to stay in school when her loser mother fails to tell her that her full ride for employee's kids has been pulled.  Marti, who is a rough and tough girl, finds out that the Lancer Hellcats (a competitive Cheer Squad) receive full scholarships during a run in with their spunky captain, Savannah (Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical fame).  Marti, makes the squad (duh), moves in to the Cheer dorm (CheerTown) and starts making friends with her rock hard base, Louis, and roommate Savannah, while making enemies with the girl she replaced, Alice.  There is a lot of added drama thrown in with the squad's coach's life and the University making threats to cut the squad if they don't place at Nationals.

It is really a super cheesy show but it wasn't horrible and I will keep watching because it is pretty fun and there was no thinking required.

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Maximillian said...

You'll have to update with more shows as I'm looking for others to watch.