Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calling All Math Peeps (Nerds, Geeks, Teachers...)

I am teaching a Math Club after school every week.  I am wanting to include fun, hands on Math enrichment type projects for these kids.

So far we have had two meetings and have talked about Critical Thinking/Brain Training and Unit Conversions.

Next week we will  be exploring the Golden Ratio and if you can give me more stuff for that before Monday that would be FANTASTIC.

I need your help for ideas and suggestions.  Even if you just have a topic that I could explore that would be great.  We also have a budget and should be able to get pretty much anything we can think of... my next ask is for a few computers and some Geometry software.  I have been told I can get CBR's for the TI-84 calculators so if you have anything fun to go with those then please let me have it.  I have about 27 more meetings till the end of the school year to fill up.

A few ideas I have are
  • Build a catapult (a few straws, rubber band, etc)
  • Build a bridge out of straws/tape
  • Design the best paper airplane
  • Egg Drop
  • Build a Trebuchet
If you could please put your ideas in to my Handy Dandy Form (after the jump) and not in the comments so that I will have them in a sweet spreadsheet for safe keeping.

I am looking forward to hearing what y'all have for ideas... and thanks for the help!

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Erin said...

I've been meaning to get back to you on this, but it's been NUTS over here!