Sunday, February 20, 2011

Atheism Challenge: Day 8

Disclaimer: These are my beliefs and feelings.  I don't ask that you subscribe to what I say but I do ask that you respect me and keep nasty comments to yourself.
Day 8: What’s your political alignment? Does your atheism influence how you vote and how you feel on issues?

I am Democrat but I don't always vote that way.  I feel voting is very important and not to be taken lightly.  I don't use atheism to influence my vote.  I don't vote purposefully anti-religion.  I do use my brain to influence my vote.  I only vote when I know the facts about the issues and like to take time before elections to study them.  I let facts and reasoning lead me to how I vote and not emotions.

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Natalia said...

Well said! If only more people voted this way and not like lemmings and sheep. People always ask me what I am and I like to say a Liberal Libertarian, definitely get quite a few confused looks. Whatever, some people just can't see the forest through the trees.