Friday, March 25, 2011

MFF #35

Here we go... { to play}

What is your must have gadget?

Hands down my iPhone... it is physically attached to my hand.

How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid?

You know, I can't really remember what I thought my adulthood would be when I was in a little kid.  I know I didn't think I would be living in Korea or had lived in Texas.  Figured I would be settled in the PNW near my friends and family.  One of these days...

What is your favorite chocolate recipe?

My favorite chocolate recipe is to take one special dark chocolate bar, place in freezer for a day, unwrap and eat. Delicious.

How do you deal with military life when it gets to be too much or too hard?

Bitch about it to whomever will listen.

What piece of advice would you give a new Military spouse facing their first deployment?

Shit, totally posted the blog without this answer.  My biggest advice is to focus on normal.  Sure, you have to get used to sleeping alone, cooking alone, and mowing the damn lawn but if you focus on all that has changed then you are going to fall apart.  Focus on what has stayed the same and stay in your routines.  Make lots of plans with friends on the weekends when you aren't at work.  Have lunch, get pedicures, go shopping and go see movies.  This is a great time to plan the girl trip you have wanted to take.  I go once a year to  Vegas with my bestest friend and that started while Adam was deployed last.  You got to do what you got to do to get through.  The less you wallow the faster the time will pass.


Pamela said...

Great list - "focus on normal", that's a good tip!

Samantha said...

Focusing on the normal is great advice, I think a lot of people focus on how different things are when he is gone.

Ashley said...

I feel the same way about my iPhone! I'm not sure how I functioned properly without it prior to owning one.

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Hooray! Another iPhone lover! Woot! Hi I'm Mrs. Sergeant and I'm a new follower to your blog. I look forward to getting to know you!