Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things Students Say THURSDAY

This week's entry is a list of all the things my 6th grade students (I have them everyday on this crazy block schedule since I have them for study hall) had to say today when we did an activity where everyone had to write nice things about everyone else in the class.  I have highlighted some of my favorites.

Amazing teacher who always encourages me to do the right thing.
Best math teacher.
Best teacher I have ever had… you are the best.
Funnily sarcastic, teaches well, gives everyone a chance.
Great teacher, good explainer.
I <3 you. You is my best math teacher.
Mrs. W, I’m not lying, I think you are the best teacher in DIS. You are my second favorite teacher in DIS. Thank you that you are care about even though. It’s a small thing. I really want to be your student next year.
My best teacher. She forgives us for whatever we do.
One of my favorite teachers.
She is smart and understanding.
She is very friendly to me.
She teaches well and is a teacher whom I feel I can talk to.
So nice, supportive, funny.
Tall, beautiful, awesome at math.
Thank you for teaching.
You are so good at math.
You are the best teacher at DIS. I always like your clothes. You are very nice to me.

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