Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 14: Your Day, In Great Detail

My Day (probably not in Great Detail) - This is for yesterday which was a Friday.  You are going to know what a lame, old married lady I am.

Wake at 5:30 AM: This seems to be my summer wake time and it is infuriating me but it seems that this diet that i am on has given me a ton more energy.
I spent the next 3 hours on the computer: reading blogs,, and playing on facebook, twitter and tumblr.  I had to purchase an American phone number from Skype because the school that I am going to get my Master's from has NO ONE who can figure out how to call internationally (so now anyone in the US can call me for US rates!!).  Around 8 am, I got dressed in my new clothes that came in the mail from the Express clearance sale... I love new clothes.  Then at 8:30 just as I am about to walk out the door to go to work my new Skype phone rings and I am finally going to have my scholarship interview.  It went well but I got teary-eyed while talking about my passion to inspire in At-Risk kids the confidence to do math.  How can you not love someone who does that?  I think that is definitely worth $800 every term, don't you?

After the interview I was off to school to teach SAT test skills for 2.5 hours.  We wrapped up the first practice test and although the kids are NOT getting the concept of skipping questions they don't know the answer to, since you lose points for incorrect answers, the scores were pretty okay (average of 560 - everyone is under 10th grade).

Back at home, I cleaned up a little, cooked some eggs for lunch and then caught up on my TV.  You know the stuff that the husband bitches about me watching: Teen Wolf, So You Think You Can Dance to be specific.  I also spent more time on the internet (I am an addict) and then played Royal Envoy on my iPad and read a couple chapters of Night Star by Alyson Noel while it Monsooned outside.

Just as I was about to go relax in the tub when the Water Filter service lady showed up.  She serviced our water dispenser and chatted my ear off in Korean (I had no idea what she was saying).  She then did the couple of dishes in my sink (while giggling) and then demanded that I make her Coffee.  While she was sipping her Americano I made her Adam came home.

The rest of the night was spent with us chatting about our days and our plans for our trip to WA, eating sugar free pudding and then going to bed around 9pm (we stayed up late) and falling asleep to Good Eats.

There is my day in detail.  Just a peek in to my fabulous life.  HA!

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