Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The History of the MEGAN SONG

If you know me in real life or you have been reading my blog for a while you probably have heard The Megan Song.

This song was spontaneously written back in the late 1990's while working at Dairy Queen.  I had walked in to work one day and heard the girl working the drive thru say "bacon" but thought she had said "Megan."  The rest of the crew decided to see how often I would think they were calling for me when saying "bacon."  As it turns out it was almost every time and I had a new (and thankfully short lived) nickname.  Often when I was scheduled to work in the kitchen I would pass the time by making up songs (I had a song called chicken and cheese) and this is where the Megan Song was born.  The song quickly became my anthem and a few years later when I was the only girl on my Resident Assistant team I forced them all to learn my song at camp because I was their Princess.  HA!

Fast-forward now to 2007, almost 10 years after I had first "written" the song and forcing it to be stuck in countless brains, while testing my new webcam set up in anticipation for my hubby's Deployment I filmed the now (in)famous video.  I love my awesome mic and bitching moves.  My hair is super cute, though.  I have had 12,000 views in the last 4 years and many, many people calling me bad names... I delete their comments. I think it is hilarious and whenever I need a big belly laugh I load it up and play it over and over again.

Recently, I was trying to get more people to LIKE my new Blog Facebook Page by promising them a Megan Song 2.0.  It took no time at all to reach my goal and I was forced to "write" the next verse.  It took me about 15 minutes to "write" and film (as you can tell) and I think it isn't as funny as the first but still pretty good.  I have no shame so enjoy. {Now go like my FB page.}

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