Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Am Really Lovin'...

...The Vampire Book Club Blog.


If you have read my list of books I have completed this year or the list of my favorite book series you will notice a general theme... I like sci-fi and paranormal type books (Which I think I need to take a look at how I have been classifying them and fix it because I know I am wrong).  I just have always been drawn to books with vampires, witches, ghosts and the like since I was a young girl and got my hands on some Christopher Pike or RL Stein.  For me, books are about an escape from reality and what is more of an escape than to a story set in a world that is nothing like our own even if it different by the types of characters in it.

Plus, what is more romantic than the idea of immortality and the power and pain that goes with it?

I think this is why so many of us are drawn to the idea of vampires and why they have become so sexy and popular in our culture right now.  There is just an allure and an appeal to being able to live forever.  That isn't even talking about the power and money you can amass that would draw quite a few people to it.  This all coupled with the tragedy that you watch those you love wither and die.  Makes for a brilliant plot line.

Anyway, if you like any type of paranormal genre then you need to check out this blog plus they have a TON of giveaways which is always quite awesome.  Their partner site My Bookish Ways is pretty great, too.

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