Thursday, June 9, 2011

MFF #44

First, I want to wish Wife of a Sailor a Happy Birthday! Second, SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! What a glorious day.

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When you vacation what type of vacation do you like to take (beach, historic, adventurous, food oriented, etc.)?
YEA! This is my question.  I love beach vacations where I can lay on a beach with a margarita my toes in the sand with a stack of good books and magazines.  You can substitute a pool for the beach just as easily.  This year I didn't get my annual girls trip to Vegas with my "sister" Amber and I really miss it.  Adam hates vacations where you sit around and relax or as he calls it "do nothing."  He really needs to learn this fine art.

What is your best memory associated with a song (you know we all have tons!)?
I do have so many great memories associated with songs.
Here are just a few:  "Hot in Herrre" by Nelly still makes me think of one of my good friends from college and past roommates, Beth.  She couldn't not shimmy and shake to that song.

"Luck Be a Lady" by Frank Sinatra will always remind me of my bestest friend from College, Kate.  We used to dance up and down the halls in our dormitory doing this dance that looked sort of like I was playing craps (I was inspired by the musical "Guys and Dolls" from which the song came.)We also danced together to this song at her wedding last summer. How could we not?

Then "Home" by Michael Buble makes me teary-eyed everytime because I danced my father daughter dance to it.  I have a ton of songs with my husband from our wedding, dating and our lives together.

If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with your time?
Go lay on a beach or by a pool with a margarita and a stack of books. HA!

What is one thing about you that people do NOT typically notice at first that you wish they would?
My sense of humor... I am damn funny but I can tend to be quiet at first when I meet people.  I like to gauge whether or not someone can handle my type of humor because it is a little sardonic.

It’s a summer of sequels, and if you had to live in one of each of the following “worlds” (there are three total) which would you choose and why?
–X-Men: Be a Mutant, what would your power be?  I would want to have the power of being able to collect others powers... Always loved Rogue because of that.  I always though Gambit being able to turn ordinary objects, like cards, in to weapons was pretty sweet.
–Harry Potter: Be a Witch or Muggle?  Oh no question about it I would want to be a witch... I kind of wish I was a witch right now actually.
–Twilight: Be a Vampire or Werewolf?  Um, I think being a werewolf looks super painful so for that reason alone I am going to go with Vampire but the wolfpack in Twilight is WAY hotter than the vampires in Forks.


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    Thank you!!

    Anonymous said...

    I have always loved Rogue too!