Friday, July 1, 2011

MFF #47

Ah, June is over.  I finished my summer SAT prep course, Adam has ceremoniously moved on to the next step in his Army career, we took a quick overnight trip to the ocean, I have started my graduate degree classes at WGU and we are getting ready to try our luck on the Patriot Express to go back to our home state, Washington, for a couple of weeks.

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Here are the questions for the week:

Have you (spouse) ever considered joining the military and what do you think of dual military couples? submitted by Project Army Wife
I really haven't ever considered... I did chat with a navy recruiter once about joining their nuclear engineering program because I had amazing ASVAB scores (our school required us to take the test) and I liked the attention.  BUT when it came down to it I knew I wouldn't do well.  I like setting my own rules and I don't do well being told what to do. I have to question everything and I know that wouldn't go over well with the military... hell, it doesn't go over with my husband most of the time.  :D  Just because it wasn't for me doesn't mean that it isn't for others and so I don't have any thoughts about dual military couples.  They choice their life because it is what is best for them so who am I to have any opinion about that?

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon? submitted by A Few of My Favorite Things 
Lounging in bed watching tv... checking the news, email, social media on the iPad occasionally while languorously sipping coffee.  Eventually getting up to laze around in pjs all day.

What do you usually do for the 4th of July holiday? submitted by Anchor’s Away 
When we lived in Texas we lived close enough to FH to sit in our front yard and watch the firework display with our neighbors.  Usually it is a restful day with the grill going and ice cold beer.  Nothing fancy.

If they could make an Olympic event JUST for you that you know you’d medal in, what would it be? submitted by Pants are Confusing 
Random Pop Culture knowledge... random knowledge in general.  I would kick ass at Rock n Roll Jeopardy and Jeopardy simultaneously!

What have you been doing to get yourself bathing suit ready for the summer? submitted byNot Just an Army Wife
The Dukan Diet... I have been doing it for 7 weeks and I have lost 16 pounds.  Also, I have inspired others to give it a try.  The book is a great resource BUT if you want more info feel free to email me.  Wifey and I have been supporting each other with recipes and research on the forums.

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