Monday, August 29, 2011

Things Students Say SY2011-12 EXTRAS

Today I had two very great conversations that I have to share.

Story 1 (In Class)
Student 1: "Teacher, I learned how to do this using my a-back-us.  Can I use my a-back-us to do the work?"
Me: "Yes, you can use any tool you want to solve the problem as long as you write down the steps.  Unless it says you HAVE to use a calculator."
Student 1: "So, can I bring my a-back-us to class?"
Me: "If it isn't big."
In case you aren't sure what he is talking about it is an abacus.
Story 2
Walking down the hall I encountered a student and when I asked how they were doing I got this response:
Student 2: "I am really disappointed in Abe."
Me (trying to think of a student named Abe: "Abe who?"
Student 2: "Abraham Lincoln."
Me: "Oh! Why are you disappointed in him?"
Student 2: "Because he is a racist."
Me (keeping a blank face): "Why do you say that?"
Student 2: "Because he may have fought for the abolishment of slavery he didn't feel they were equal people."
Me: "Oh."

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