Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Couple of Thoughts On...

Sons of Anarchy

Adam has been watching Sons of Anarchy lately and he LOVES it.  Me on the other hand start thinking of random things and can not get in to the show... but again, I haven't watched it from the start just randomly jump in to it.  Anyway, here are a couple of my thoughts while watching SOA:

  • Do they follow Robert's Rules of Order during their meetings?
  • Are they required to buy their own leather vest or does the club give it to them?
  • Is it in their bylaws that they all have to have really gross facial hair?  I mean, hello, Jacks you would be HOTT if you didn't have that nappy teenager beard.
  • Do they have a club approved tailor to do their patches and vest tailoring?
  • When they buy their patches do they buy them in bulk so that they get a discount?
Anyone else wonder these things?

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Sara said...

I LOVE SOA!! And Jax did finally thankfully cut his hair. It's a strange show, actually very violent and gross now that I think about it. But I cant help myself, I love it!

I'm gonna say that they dont have a tailor for the patches, we just saw Juice (ask Adam) sewing on his own. They are all about money, so saving money by buying patches in bulk is a good idea, whether they do it or not, I dont know.