Friday, October 28, 2011

MFF Catchup (a couple of weeks worth)

Last week was a chaotic week for me so I didn't get the blogging done like I wanted not even my old standby MFF.  So, if you enjoy this go check out Wife of a Sailor and play along... or just find more pages to lurk on.


I want to know where we are going after Korea so I can start looking for a new job at, hopefully, a good school.

I have the most amazing family, including my amazing hubby who bought me a bunch of North Face gear that he knew I would never splurge on for myself since it is getting to be the bitter cold time here in the 'Gu.

I wish I could take some of my students home with me sometimes... they are just so cute and endearing when you see how they react to your kindness and attention.

I hope we get more snow here than last year... I hate how dry it is.

I wonder what I should get for my hubby for our anniversary... it is a couple of months away and he is hard to shop for... on that same note I don't know what to get him for Christmas either and his 30th birthday coming up he wants a Rolex... SMH.

The best part of October was the end of first quarter and Spirit Week - it was so fun to be fun at school.

The worst part of October was the days getting shorter.

For Halloween, I’ll be Thing 1 from the Cat in the Hat at school and something less PG at home for hubby *wink*.

I hope that in November I wrap up this terms classes... I have been procrastinating HARD on taking my final in Calculus but I need to put my big girl panties on and get it done before I run in to the deadline.

Wifey has posted MilSpouse Secret Santa. I will not be participating. Trust me this is in everyone's best interest... I suck at gift giving and I suck at getting things to the PO in a timely manner even when it isn't over an hour drive away from me. I would be great if it only had to do with me getting gifts... I do that WELL! Have fun though!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh... I hate that the days are getting shorter, too!