Monday, January 2, 2012

Cool Things You Find in Korea

We have been collecting unique Korean items.  There are so many fascinating things you can pick up here when you go out and about.  Whenever we go to a Temple we always have to get something.  Adam usually goes for a figurine or artwork and I go for the bracelets.  The markets also hold great findings from clothing to knick knacks and lately I have been snagging up socks with awesome things on them.  They are super cheap (about a dollar) and actually really good socks.  The other thing I have found I love his Honey lotion, specifically from Etude House, I am going to have to stock up on it before I go back to the States because it is the best!  Anyway, here is a picture tour of some of the cool stuff we have picked up here in Korea.
Honey Lotion from Etude House. BEST.LOTION.EVER! Comes in a super cute pot that fits in your purse really well!

I have been looking for Obama socks and they have been elusive... found them today!
We were told that Koreans find piggies to be good luck and the statues on the left and right are seen every where.  We need to find the meaning of ours still.
Found this at Manbulsa Temple Gift Shop.
Harrabong from Jeju Island
Anatomically Correct small piggies.
Anatomically correct BIG piggies... when we bought these the shop owner had to point out the girl parts and the boy parts.
From Dorimsa Temple Gift Shop.  The bells rid you of evil spirits.
From Dorimsa Temple Gift Shop.
The Buddha on the left is the first Buddha I got in Korea and the piggy is the first piggy we  got.  The Buddha with the big nipples we got after our grueling hike to the top of Gatbawi because after trudging to the top of a mountain there has to be a gift shop, right?  The lantern we got in the back was a gift Adam received for his Change of Command.
Piggy from Jeju Island
Side view of the piggy.
One of my cool bracelets from a temple.  This one has a hidden Buddha statue in it.  I also have a beautiful turquoise one.
Bracelet with Buddha tucked away.

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