Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Army Medical Center ER Night!

Yesterday evening was spent pretty eventfully. I would have thought it would have turned out pretty boring with our cable mysteriously going out on Monday and all but OH No! There is always fun to be had at CRDAMC!!
Everything started out boring and peachy with dinner and then a swim in the pool. Then when we decided to get out of the pool Adam chose the method of jumping over the edge to get out of the pool. In doing this he landed on the metal flashing around the landscaping, tore his pants and cut his foot. Upon closer inspection he had to pick grass out of the wound that didn't seem so bad at first... but then it wouldn't stop bleeding and the end started turning purple so off to the ER we went.
Upon entering the ER the line had been formed in the wrong location because the morons who had to go to the ER last night apparently were unable to read bright red signs that say "Line starts here." Not wanting to queue up in the right place and lose our spot we stood behind the stupid people until the original moron who lined up in the wrong spot was yelled at to go stand where the sign was pointing. We checked in they gave us our beeper (like at a restaurant - and told us the wait "wasn't so bad") and we took our seats... to wait.
Not long after we came in a soldier in his uniform came in with his hand wrapped in gauze. His blood had already soaked through the gauze so he was pretty serious. They did the normal check in for him and handed him his beeper. After he got his beeper his friend started to cut his gauze off his hand so they could put clean stuff on. They did this right at the check in counter with blood dripping everywhere. After they had him wrapped back up he staggered over to the chairs and sat down to promptly pass out while his buddy proceeded to use the Purell and papertowels that the nurse at the front desk had handed him to clean up the blood.
After this we just sat and watched the people around us (it is better than cable) which was mostly white trash with sick babies that should have went to the doctor during the day and watched the clock occasionally checking to make sure the bleeding soldier was still breathing in is sleep. After 90 min of this our beeper finally goes off. When we get to the counter the nurse holding Adam's paperwork is looking at us like we were aliens. Apparently the dude at the front desk had mixed half our paper up with another lady's. So, we waited some more before the nurse had it figured out enough to take Adam to Triage. By now his toe is no longer bleeding and we should just go home but we had been there long enough Adam wasn't leaving. Adam is gone for a good 30 minutes because they had sent him to get Xrays to ensure he didn't have anything in the cut. While he is gone a guy with sunburn so bad that his legs are one big blister comes in and proceeds to talk to anyone around him including Adam when he comes back. It is fascinating stuff hearing about these people around me. Because we had been waiting for so long before ever being seen it isn't possible (or necessary) to give Adam stitches so they just clean the wound, bandage it and prescribe him some pain pills. After about 4 hours we head home. Oh and the dude who had the severe blood loss finally got to go back to Triage and never came back out... Adam had offered to have him seen before him but the nurse just said "we will see him when we get to him." The moral of the story is that they had no clue what they were doing last night and I felt more like I was waiting to get a steak then to have Adam sewed up... except that the line at Roadhouse on a Payday Friday isn't as long as it was last night to get seen at the ER... and the hostess table at Roadhouse is managed FAR BETTER. Who would have thought that the ER would treat you on a first come first served basis even if you are bleeding all over everything and flat out pass out from the blood loss.

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funspal said...

Holy crap. Good thing I read your blog finally and found out Adam is still doing crazy shit to himself! I'm very grateful that he and his foot are ok and that you seemed to have felt better about waiting for steaks at Texas Roadhouse compared to the ER. I hope I never have to go to the ER for any reason because it seems a hopeless place.

Miss you!