Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back in the 254

I got back to the Central Texas today. It was sad leaving Adam. I don't think I was this upset when he left for Iraq but then again I had his family all bunking with me and I was numbed on Zoloft. It just really sucks to have to say good bye to him again and go home to the doggies and an otherwise empty house. On the bright side I get to put a top sheet on the bed without having to hear protests and I get the whole king size bed to myself but still not the same.
My trip was pretty uneventful except for a huge thunderstorm in Atlanta that we had to wait out on the runway and a really pissy flight attendant. If I had been her captain I would not have put up with her mouth and insubordination but he seemed to be lacking some cajones. But I don't know the whole story either and the nun that I sat by was even looking at me like she couldn't believe what the girl was saying to the captain. She was a funny nun... I enjoyed sitting next to her.
Well, I have a couple of weeks until I go back to school as a teacher. I am freaking scared. I hate starting new things but at the same time I think it will be good so I am excited for that.
I know I have kept things short but I am out of stuff to say for now.

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