Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

So, we went to go see The Dark Knight today. We had wanted to avoid the crowds and especially Privates who are on their first days off while in AIT so that is why we waited till Monday. Anyway, the movie was awesome, Heath Ledger was awesome, I totally think everyone should see it and I want to go see it again. I am a little mad that the people around me had the need to scream out TWO-FACE when Harvey Dent's face caught on fire. DUH people Harvey Dent is Two-face in this movie, in the comic book in the cheesy batman movies and I am pretty sure the 6 year old you brought to this totally violent movie knew that from the beginning so no need for talking. Like I said the movie was violent and I spent a bit of my time curled up in my seat with my hands over my face and Adam laughing at me. It sucks that Christian Bale has felt the need to move on because he is an awesome Batman. I hate Terminator movies and it makes me sad that he has moved on to that project. Bleh. One last thing... the scene when Bruce Wayne kisses Rachel Dawes (oh shit there is one more thing after this) and he kept his hand in his pocket totally reminded me of Patrick Batemen... Adam has never seen that movie and it is fucking hilarious (american psycho if you haven't seen it either and are scratching your head). Finally, for real this time, Maggie Gyllenhaal was looking old and had HUGE bags under her eyes adn I don't think she really fit in the role. Adam said she was hot but he also thought she was Kirsten Dunst. I hate to say it but I even think Katie "The Robot" Holmes was a better Rachel but I guess we don't really have to worry about this for the future. Okay, back to my book.

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