Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am slacker...

I have totally not blogged like I had wanted but I wish I could just talk about one topic and have it be totally meaningful and worthwhile. Oh well, I will just bitch about random stuff... it is more me anyway.

I watched Step Up 2: The Streets last night. Adam actually stuck through the whole thing too. The movie was very cheesy and Channing Tatum was barely in it and not as hot as in Step Up 1 but overall the movie was ok. I like to watch cheesy movies and when they have dancing I really can't resist.

I can't believe I am thinking it or about to type it but I am ready to go back to Texas. Oh shoot me now! I just want to go back to my home, my stuff and my puppies. We have been joking that this feels like camp. Adam has gone away to camp. The post here is so small since I was initiated in to Army life via Fort Hood the largest military installation in THE WORLD! This place looks identical to a place I DID go to camp at even. The A's apartment is crazy small and has such a wierd floorplan. I would NEVER want to live here for a long time so visiting Adam will be OK. AT LEAST we didn't have to search for it because he had it all taken care of ahead of time and we just moved in. Yea for the husband being proactive!

Finally, lastly, blah blah blah... man, using a rolled up blanket as a pillow because you want to curl around your pillow in the fetal position gives you a bad headache in the morning but I digress. Been watching How I Met Your Mother from the beginning. I love this show. It is great! Just like Friends it is funny and makes me realize how i wish my life really was. I think that having friends that are family and totally in your life for every small thing is what every close to thirty something needs and what my life is so missing. It seems that everyone that i was that close to in the past have moved on with other friends and new friends have their own lives. Bleh. But I am being depressing, sorry. I am off the Oh Whoa is me kick.

I am gonna go and try to kick this headache in its metaphorical ass, beeyotch.

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