Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The longest road trip EVER!

I just want to preface that driving with a 6' x 12' Uhaul sucks A$$! It is so slow moving. We see people scream past us with their trailers but we can't seem to go over 60mph without fishtailing like crazy. It sucks.

We started on the 11th of July and drove with my bro and his wife, Emily, to meet up with my parents in Wichita, KS. That was a long 11 hour drive but we had fun entertaining each other. We spent the next few days with family. Adam's sis, Dani, and her hubby, James, were able to come down from Omaha, NE and hang out with Adam and they all headed one day to visit their uncle, Doug, who just so happens to live near Wichita. Then one day we had a huge family reunion for my mom's family and to celebrate her 50th bday. After a few days of fam Nick and Em headed back to WA and we started to VA. The first day we spent 13 hours on the road driving through KS, MO, IN & IL for a total of 700 miles. It was exhausting. We passed out when we got to Louisville and in to our hotel room. Today we spent less miles on the road but still about 10 hours on the road... we are about 140 miles from our destination and we are ready to be done. The scenery for the most part has been beautiful and VA and WV reminds us of WA a lot! Adam even has said he could see himself living here but I don't think so... I don't want to live in WV. SCARY!
We are about to crash again and so that is it for me.

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