Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oklie dokalie

Well, I wrapped up things at Time. I am really glad to be done there for many reasons which I won't go in to at this time. We have been working around the house to get it spruced up and cleaned up. Adam leaves in 10 days to go to his school and we want to be prepared to move if the Army deems it necessary. We are also having a BBQ on the 5th so we have been slowly getting ready for that but that is real slow. Today we spent the day doing nothing except that my beebies had to go to the doctor. Princess was in to have her teeth cleaned and her extra teeth removed. Mac-y had a little more done... he had the tooth stuff done too but we also had his balls removed. We have decided that having a stud just isn't benefiting us. After our unsuccessful first attempt at puppy rearing and our lack of luck to find suitable girls for mac we decided to just be done with it. Poor baby is such a drama queen.

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