Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bluetooth and my Ipod

Okay, so a while back I had bought a Bluetooth adapter for my Ipod in hopes that it would work with the Bluetooth in my car... but it didn't. So, a couple of months ago I got a gift cert for Amazon and so I bought a pair of Jabra Bluetooth headphones thinking that it would work with before mentioned adapter... but it didn't. Last week I got another gift cert for Amazon so I bought the Jabra Ipod Bluetooth Adapter and today was the first time I was able to use it... in case you are wondering... it worked.
I took it to the gym today and for the most part it was good. The things I didn't like was that the adapter wouldn't stay plugged in to the Ipod and when I was on the bike at one point it actually shot across the gym and I had to get up to go rescue it. Also, the headphones are HUGE. I have been wearing headphones that are super tiny like musicians wear so yeah. AND they blink so I look like a freaking robot monkey walking around with these flashing huge headphones. I think if I had a pocket or bag to put the ipod in while I worked out it would be better... well except for the robot monkey part.

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