Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conquering the TOILET

Okay, the toilet in the master bathroom has been leaking for a while now. Well, to be more specific the tank is leaking in to the bowl and so when the floater drops enough the water turns on. It is a noisy thing all in all and Adam was convinced that it and not the sprinklers was the cause for the high water bills. Anyway, last night I woke in the middle of the night thinking that I heard voices outside the bathroom window but it was just the toilet and my half awake paranoia of being alone at night. Today I was on a mission to fix the damn Toilet. I went to Walmart... I hate Walmart but I couldn't think where else to find Toilet supplies since I am not a plumber. I guess Lowes or Home Depot would have had what I needed but I went to Walmart and at noon Walmart is bareable. I came home and made that leaking toilet my bitch. It is all leak free now. Actually the whole task was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Anyway, yea for me!
So, this weekend I may actually have plans! Tomorrow I am going to head up to Waco to go shopping with Liz and Briley Anne. It should be fun. Then Saturday I have an appointment with Paul for a massage. I CAN NOT wait. I love Paul's massages they are so worth the cost and I am overdue for Paul. Then I am thinking of driving over to New Mexico to visit with my friends Patty and Taco for a few days. Then going to visit Cummins to say hi to Joe. Adam told me I have to because I owe it to Patty and Taco since they have came and visit me so many times. He is right, I have no excuses not to and since I am not working why the hell not. Anyway, that is what I have up my sleeve. Now to do some work.

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