Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Long Weekend

Okay, so I am back from my road trip to Mexico Nuevo. It was great to go back. I was thinking when I was driving around how great it was to go back to a place where you had lived because you knew how to get around and you knew poeple to hang out with... not that I would go back to Clovis if I didn't have friends there because it really doesn't have anything going for it. It as a great visit and I am really glad I went. I think the puppies had a good time even if they were being tormented by small children.
Anyway, I got eat at my most favorite places while I was there. I had peach tea at Cotton Patch even if the service and my chicken fried chicken were lacking and i did have a gnat in the second glass but it was still deelish. We hit up Juanitos with all the Cummins crew and the food was delicious and it was great to see all my coworkers. I forgot how much I had loved it there with them... they were great coworkers and it was a great place to work. Patty also made me some chicken and dumplings which are my ABSOLUTE favorite and even let me pick out all the dumplings when we were putting it away.
There was also lots of movies watched and video games played. The trampoline scraped the crap out of my knee and made me feel old. But we went to go see Mama Mia which was great. It was kind of cheesy and Meryl Streep was a bit too old for her character. The movie was still awesome. I also watched a bunch of little kid movies including Open Season which wasn't anything special. And Patty got me Across the Universe too which has left me with Beatles songs in my head since then. Anyway, I would recommend both Across the Universe and Mama Mia and to pass on Open Season unless you have a two year old with you.
Okay, so I have been pretty random, like always. That is it for me. But I will say, "not all 6 year olds are pure evil." That is my new mantra. Shh! Don't tell anyone.

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