Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Work

Okay, so today was the first day of work. We were told we would be receiving an itinerary and it never came. So, I went to school at the time we had been told and I went to my room not knowing where to go. I worked in my room for 20 minutes when I began wondering why I hadn't seen a single other person or heard a single thing about what to do that day. I had texted my mentor at 8 or so to find out if we had somewhere to be in the morning and never got a response. Now 20 minutes in to the day I headed out to find where everyone was... well turned out they were all in the cafeteria where there had been breakfast but I had arrived in time to grab a chair for the program to begin. Everyone else was in department sections and I was just in a chair... I was mortified. It totally looked like I was just plain late. Eventually I rejoined the Math department and I knew what to do for the rest of the day. Now I am going to carry back on with getting prepared. AAHHHH!

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