Monday, August 11, 2008

I Am Loving...

1. The Olympics, esp. Aaron Piersol (nummy!)
2. Listerine Smart Rinse... it is made and marketed for kids but it WORKS great. After I use it my teeth feel like I have just went to the dentist and it tastes like liquid jello.
3. Cherry Coke... especially 64 cent refills when you bring your own cup... mmm.
4. Uncommon Good dot Com... they have some pretty neat stuff but some can be pricey especially if it is specially made by an artist for the catalog but there is a lot of recycled materials used and just neat ideas.
5. Acacia Catalog dot Com... this is an eclectic catalog with everything from Yoga gear to house decor to Buddha. It too can be a little pricey but there are some great finds in here too. Both of these sites have a lot of great gift ideas.
6. My pool... thank a Diety for my pool!!
7. Weeds on Shotime... a little taboo, a little not PC, and a little racy but totally funny. What more can you ask for?
8. Finally having a cool day (low 90s) and some rain.
9. Successfully cooking TWO meals in a row... I don't really like to cook and usually don't give too much to it.
10. The Jonas Brothers' Burnin' Up... it is catchy.

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