Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25/25 = 0% at least it did 2nd period.

Ah Wednesday! I like it when a work week goes by fast. I still have a million things to do at home, ie all my clothes are in the dirty pile and I have a LOT of clothes, but I am saving that for the weekend.
Finished "Betrayed" last night which is book 2 of the House of Night series. I am so addicted. Yeah, there is no Edward and I am not swooning at every turn of the page but there is also no Bella! Man, I really didn't like her in Twilight and the chick who played her in the movie is such a douche in real life... well, I guess she is from what I read because it isn't like I know her but when has that ever stopped me from making judgements about people before? I am looking desperately for a couple of book 3, "Chosen," and so far I have been horribly unsuccessful. I don't want to buy it online but it may just come down to that.
So, in my Algebra 2 class we have been learning Probability... by that I mean I have been poorly teaching and they are doing the work. I hated Probability when I learned it 15 years ago and I still am not a big fan BUT at least now that I am having to teach it I understand it. Which is a relief else this whole unit would have been the blind leading the blind and they would have all failed that part of the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge Skills or something) in a couple of weeks. Speaking of the TAKS we are all gearing up for that time of the year which I think is absolutely horrible for everyone... but that is for another day... anyway, and we are given this story of student Joe Bob who failed the TAKS to graduate FIVE years ago. In order to get your diploma you have to pass this state test well Joe Bob continued to come back and take the test every year since then even though he had completed all his credits required of him for High School. Finally this year, when he was 23 he passed the TAKS test and came to ask if he could walk the stage to get his diploma. I think this story was told to inspire us or show us something, I am not sure. All I thought was how pathetic that school and graduation has come to this for some people. Joe Bob obviously was never college bound so why torture him so much... he finished his shit so give him the damn diploma... why make him jump hoops? But you can say that Joe Bob was determined and to him he must receive credit for that. Anyway, so yeah... NCLB laws are silly. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!
I am so super excited for March. 2 weeks of school and then I am off to VEGAS Baby! I can not wait. I love hanging out with Amber who makes me laugh till it seriously hurts. I am not a big gambler but I am a big people watcher and what better place than Vegas, right? There are some kooky people.
Okay, I think I may have babbled on enough. I need to get back to grading papers. I am about 50% done!

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