Monday, February 23, 2009

So, yeah...

I am blogging because Liz checks and is disappointed that I haven't written anything worthwhile in a long while. I don't know if anyone bothers to check besides Liz so this is ALL for you Liz.
Nothing big going on here. House is a mess. Laundry is overflowing the hampers... yes hampers plural. And I have developed and even worse candy addiction that I had before. I am gonna grow up to be 500#.
I have started a brand new book series the house of night. .. It is a series about a teenager but it is still addicting and since it is designed for Teen readers it reads fast. My coworker and fellow math teacher, Audry, as well as Justine, the white Spanish teacher, got me started and I am hooked.
Tonight is Chuck night!! The last couple of episodes have been really slow... I want CHUCK to hook me again.
The OSCARS were good last night. I stopped watching during the middle for all the tech awards and boring shit and read. BUT what a great place to sit RPATZ right behind Mickey Rourke. MR is so scary to look at and then there BAM! right behind him looking all HOTT and HIGH was Mr. Hottie himself. ROWR!
Giving a Quiz today and so today is pretty easy and laid back in class... oh yeah and QUIET. The students are doing well for the most part... twelve 100's so far. It really isn't a hard quiz took me less than 5 minutes but still I am impressed with my students.
Went to see He's Just Not in to You this weekend. It was okay... sort of slow at first and Ben Affleck although not looking so bad was really annoying. It is definitely one to rent but not sure it is worth the price of even a matinee. Although Confessions of a Shopaholic was wonderful. The books are great and although the movie didn't live up to the books it was still great. I cried, I laughed it was fun.
So, that may be all I have right now. I have to go to Seventh Period and see how they do on the quiz. I hope they impress rather than disappoint. Good luck for that.

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