Monday, January 19, 2009

Me = Slacker

Lots has been going on. Adam came home from Virginia and we have been doing stuff around the house driving each other crazy. He leaves again soon but it is good to have had him home for this time.
I turn 30 in a couple of weeks... ugh! How the hell has this happened? I was just 21 and now I am going to be 30. Mom was right when she said it was downhill from here on my 21st bday at Red Robin in Anchorage.
Adam's sister, Danielle, had her baby Saturday night. David Josiah Gipe. Don't know any of his vitals because... well, nobody told us. Mommy is doing well and baby has developed a touch of pneumonia. Adam and I have taken to callng him Josie... because we are mean and that is what we do.
I am "studying" for my PPR test to get my full teacher's certification.
I updated some gadgets to my blog! Woo HOO!
I have started using Twitter regularly. I am such an attention whore that I really enjoy this type of shit even though it really seems completely pointless and Adam mocks me for it but I have just decided he is super jealous that I am so in touch with the world. HA!
Okay, I am ending this randomness now.

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