Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 4th

How super exciting was last night? I hadn't expected to be up late enough to hear the election called and so I had made arrangements to find out who had won after I had fallen asleep. But there I was last night about to fall turn the tv off when Brian Williams came back on and said, "and there we have it," and a graphic of President-elect Obama flashed on the screen. The tears came fast and I cried as I jumped around the room. I feel like I have been holding my breath for the last 8 years waiting for every bad thing that could happen and now the hope is back. It is silly and dramatic and maybe has something to do with the romance novels I have been reading but last night I felt relief and elation that I should have felt 8 years ago. Well, hell, I did feel it when they first called the election for Gore but then the call kept getting changed. It sucked and really life has sucked since then... but today is a new day and on Jan. 20 I am ready for the change to come.

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