Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Twilight Book

I haven't been motivated to write much because I honestly don't think anyone is reading anyway. But I have just finished the book Twilight and want to write my thoughts down. First, I read the book in about 24 hours putting it down only to eat, sleep and go to work... oh and to watch Sex and the City the movie but it was so good. I was reluctant to get the book at first even though I love books with vampires. But it was about teenagers and it was written with teenagers as the targeted audience. But Harry Potter wasn't written with me in mind and I still love it. Anyway, the book is awesome... did you get that already? I am absolutely excited for the movie to come out now. The character Edward is so nummy. He could never be anything but fiction but still. Anyway, yeah, it is good you should read it and my blog is getting to be nonsensical.
I'm out.

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boofyjo said...

READ THE ENTIRE SERIES! OMG...such a good series!
I don't really care for the cast that they pick out for the movie. I prefer the Edward in my mind.