Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vandal Pride

So, my Vandals got stomped today. BSU massacred poor Idaho 25-63. But Idaho has came a long way in the last 10 years and I am proud to be a Vandal. Although I am proud to be a Vandal every year win or lose because for me the University of Idaho is more than a winning football season. We have never been a big football school anyway so when I talk about being a UI alum I don't expect people to relate to the school based on its team's record. Idaho means so much more to me than that. I spent 5 years in Moscow. It is where I became the adult I am now. Some of the best people and best friends I know and have are because of the time I spent in Moscow, Idaho. There is something about the years you spend transitioning in to an adult that seriously effect you. For me that time was spend at UI. All of my best stories relate to Moscow. I met and lost great loves there... including my husband. I made great mistakes (and learned from them - 1.0 GPA) as well as had great triumphs there (getting a BS in Mechanical Engineering). I try to impress upon my students the importance of college but for me it is more important than a degree or a career. College is where you go from selfish kid to adult as well as develop friendships that will last you your whole life. I have a large network of friends who are also Vandals and without those people in my life living so far away from home would be that much harder to bear.
Go Vandals!

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