Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing Catch Up - Moving Day(s)

Thursday I started my packing journey.  I left the sub with plans on Wednesday to cover me through the following Wednesday and was ready to sit and wait.  I had been contacted on Wednesday to be around between 8-5 because they would come to pack between these hours.  I only had to wait till 11 for the two ladies to come and pack.  They were just packing our Unaccompanied Baggage which was some towels, linens and clothes.  Not much stuff.  Took them just an hour or so and then they were gone.  I still had to wait for the guy with the truck to come pick up the boxes. They showed up around 2 and were here for an hour.  Easy peasy.
Friday I was contacted by the packers at 8 AM and told that they would be there in the late afternoon because I was their last job.  Okay, this was my Household Goods (HHG) they were coming to pack. This was everything we were taking to Korea that hadn't been packed the day before.  This was a LOT of stuff.  Normally, they come in a few days to a week before the actually day to do a pre-move inspection.  This allows them to plan for time and materials.  That didn't happen.  Also, typically they pack one day move another.  I only had an appointment for them to pack AND move for Friday.  I had a feeling from the start that this was going to be a clusterf**k and sure enough I was not disappointed.
Because I was told they would be there in the late afternoon I took the morning to go and run errands.  I had to go get my plane ticket to Korea(which turned out to be a whole clusterf**k of its own).  I also got to talk to Adam a few times (mostly about all the effed up stuff) and the time passed fairly quickly.  The only problem was that by 4:30 I still hadn't heard or seen the movers so I called them.  They said they had been delayed a few times that day on their SIX other jobs but that they were sending a guy over to get started on my house and that the rest of the crew would be there shortly after.
Around 5 the lone guy shows up.  I walk him through the house and show him what we were taking.  He was not happy.  In fact he was quite pissed because they were going to be there late.  He wasn't pissed at me but at the situation and it wasn't like I was very happy to have them showing up at 5 to just get started either.  Long story short they were at my house until 11PM.  They packed and moved with incredible speed considering that they had been working their butts off all day and it was late.  The only SNAFU's beside the time were the fact that they would not take ANY liquids, gels, aerosols.  This meant no lotions, bath gels and they were thorough.  They wouldn't take any candles burned or not burned jarred or not.  NONE.  They also wouldn't take lightbulbs.  Of all the things they wouldn't take this one made the least sense because all it did was take them extra time to remove every single lightbulb from lamps, etc.

They left, the house was mostly empty.  Very sad.  I was starving and headed out for Taco Bell but really didn't eat any of it and just crashed in my guest bed which was still here since it is going in to Storage.
Saturday was a packing/moving free day and I treated myself to breakfast at El Taco Jalisco (best salsa in Killeen), a pedicure, shoe shopping and massage at the station in the mall.  Finally, I got to get all dressed up and go out to dinner (Red Lobster) with my favorite math girls (Alicia, Audrie & Semi) and attend the Shoemaker High School Prom.  It was fun.  It has been 13 years since I attended my own Senior Prom and it brought back memories.

Sunday was another sort of chill day.  I had some things to prep before the movers came for the Storage shipment but not too much and it was done by the early afternoon.
Monday is here now and I have been chilling since 9:30 while three ladies pack.  They don't pack as fast as the guys did on Friday but they don't have the same sort of urgency as they did either.  They have also sort of made themselves at home.  Putting their lunches in the fridge and using the microwave at lunch (they did ask mostly).  Also, when I offered them some water I had one lady say, "Is that all you got? Is it bottled?" Other than that today is so less stressful than Friday.
I have been watching Law & Order and CSI marathons and calling to have my address changed or accounts cancelled.  There was a bit of POA drama with the title company and closing on the house but I think it may be resolved now.  I am ready for all of this to be over with.  I am ready to be done with school and be back in the Pacific Northwest soaking up whatever peace I can that I get just from being in the mountain air.  I am also ready for this whole living in Korea journey just to get started already.
As much as I have hated Killeen there has been some things I have loved.  I have loved my house.  In the FIVE years we have lived in it we have made it a great home.  There are lots of memories of the beginning of our marriage here.  We have put a lot of sweat, tears, blood and ER visits in to this house. 

I will also miss the friends I have made here.  My neighbor, Toni and her daughter Savannah, they moved in the same time we did and we have been a support to each other ever since.  My friend, Liz, who helped commiserate with me at my crappy job in Waco and who helped aid in my book addiction especially Vampire books.  I have already mentioned my math girls and without having Audrie around to watch movies with me I don't know what I am going to do.  I will miss them but I know we will all stay in touch.

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