Monday, May 31, 2010

School Books and Dirty Looks

I have been throwing around the idea of getting a Master's degree for a while now.  Before I decided to become a teacher when I was sitting at a desk pretending to be an engineer and not eat myself threw my boredom I had looked in to getting a MBA.  Since becoming a teacher and enjoying this new profession, I have contemplated getting a Master's in Mathematics.  I am very reluctant in getting a Master's with anything Education in it.  I may someday decide to go back to Engineering and I want to keep my options open there too.  I want a degree that can support my BSME I already have as well as my current profession of a mathematics teacher. 

I have already taken the GRE and did pretty well on it because I had found a program at Texas A&M that was an online program.  I only have to take the math aptitude test for the program and then I can apply.  This test is EVIL!  It is timed.  That is really what makes it so evil.  It is almost 100% calculus and in the time limit it is impossible to do by hand.  It is taken on your own personal computer so really the only thing that stands in your way is the damn time limit.  I have always been a by hand sort of person when I calculate math problems.  Even took a calculus exam in college without a calculator, finished first, and got the highest grade... not to brag or anything because that was in my first semester and my academic performance wasn't as stellar once I made friends and had a "life".  :) Audrie has offered me her College Professor assistance as well has her mad TI-89 skillz (yeah, I used a "z" for an "s."  That's how I roll.) What I really need to do is learn this TI-89 creature and how it can do derivatives and anti-derivatives at light speed.

It is a Masters of Science in Mathematics that is online.  That is great since I will sort of be in another country for the next two years and couldn't exactly go to class.  Once I figure out how much it will cost I should be able to use some of Adam's post-9/11 GI bill to cover the costs which again is great!  Yet, I am not really sure if this is what I want to do. 

I don't know why but something is making me drag my pretty little feet.  I think that, although college was the best time of my life, my academic performance was not my best.  This was not because I wasn't capable but more that I lacked the trying.  I had more important things to do in college than go to class regularly and most of those had to do with parties, bars and boyfriends.  I am a completely different place in my life but yet the struggle and the failure are still a bad taste in my mouth that I am scared to repeat.  Also, I am afraid that it will hold me back from moving on to this next step in my academic life.  So, that brought me to my thought last night.  Why don't I just start fresh.  Start at the BS level with a BS in Math and work forward from there.  Although that would help me make up for my short comings from 10 years ago it would cost me more time and money than I may have to actually spend.  Ugh!  I really don't know.

Please help me.  I want to know what everyone's reaction is to my academic dilemma.

Thanks, MW

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