Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things That Bother Me

Here are some things that bother me.  Upbeat, I know!
In no particular order:
  1. Bumper stickers and car magnets.  If you want to support a cause, fine, support a cause, but do you want me to give you a cookie for supporting that cause?  You aren't bringing recognition to the cause with your car magnet you are bringing recognition to you for supporting that cause.  Yeah, I judge you and your motives.  The ones that aren't for causes just make you look like a douchebag ("I have PMS and a handgun...") and the rest (the 1/2 my heart is in Iraq one or the ones with your kids names and other info) just give predators more information on how to prey on you or even worse, your kids.  Be smart people!
  2. Brad and Angelina. I'm sorry but what kind of people could do that to darling Jennifer Aniston?  Evil, soulless, baby collecting people, that's who.
  3. Along those same lines: Combining people's names together to make a nickname (Brangelina).  I don't think I need to explain that one.  Does anyone like this?  (I just barfed in my mouth a little having to type Brange... ugh I did it again.)
  4. People who define themselves by what their husbands do. You are so much more than a "_______Wife" so please don't use that to define yourself.  Even if you are a housewife you have likes, dislikes, hobbies that explain you way more than your husband's career and your marital status.  I have been guilty of putting "Army Wife" in my About Me fields but it usually isn't the only thing I put because way before I am a wife, I am a Nerd, an Engineer, a teacher, a knitter, a dog lover... I suck at being a wife so I really don't even deserve to use that to describe me.  House cats are more domestic than I am.  I am still proud of my husband and what he does but I am also proud of me, my independence and accomplishments.
  5. People who bring their babies to movies. Okay, no matter how good your kid is at some point they will be a distraction at the theater.  Movies are a long time for a little one to sit still and be silent.  It is inevitable that they will want to cry, coo, talk, get restless so just leave them at home with a sitter or whatever.  I don't want to be distracted by your kid when I am my movie land.
  6. People who talk at movies. I know you may have questions or you want to clue your friend in on something you figured out while watching but don't do it.  Again you are distracting me and I don't appreciate it.  If you want to talk during a movie then rent one don't ruin my $6.50+ experience.  There is an exception to this and that is during the previews.  Whisper all you want until the feature presentation starts.
  7. People who are on their phones during movies.  This includes talking and texting.  I don't know if you noticed or not but your phone has a light in it and it's bright and the movie theater is DARK.  Those two things are huge contrasts and extremely obvious.  Why aren't you paying attention to the movie anyway?  They are expensive stop wasting your and my money.  Also,this also encompasses the quick, "I'm at the theater can't talk" phone call.  If it is an emergency take your damn phone out in the hall and take your call there.
  8. People who shorten my name to Meg.  You have to be pretty damn special to me to be able to shorten my name or give me a nickname.  So, if we rarely ever talk or we just met my name is MEGAN.  Not that hard to say just one more syllable from Meg so spit it out.
  9. People who thumb their noses at rules.  This goes to dress codes, deadlines, speed limits and especially TRAVELING IN THE LEFT LANE when you aren't actively passing.  I mean you had to pass a test to get a driver's license you know the laws/rules.
  10. People who ask about teacup Yorkies.  There is no such thing.  Plus, why would you want a dog that is smaller than it should be.  Just like being bigger than it should be there will be extra health issues.  Why would you wish that upon any living being?  If you want a dog then do some research and learn what type of dog would be best for you and what that dog breed(s) standards are. This will also help you identify any problems that may come up later with your baby because they could be genetic.  For example my female has knee displasia which is a very common Yorkie disorder.  If you are interesting in Yorkies then the AKC is a very great place to start especially if you want a full blooded yorkie because even if someone says their dogs are certified it may be a phony cert to cover up a puppy mill.  A cert that you just have to pay to get papers and not really prove lineage.  AKC and CKC are two of the most well recognized and respected certifications to look for.  Yorkshire Terriers information.
Okay, I am done bitching now.

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Megan said...

I feel the same way about my name! It's Megan, not Meg. But Meg isn't always so bad.

I'm definitely guilty of #10. I sometimes drive in the left lane without actively passing. I know, I'm bad! :P

-MeganWrites1 (on Twitter)