Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bongmu Park - For Health & Wellness

Map of Bongmu Park
Lamp Posts with speakers on them.
Not long ago when we were driving home I saw a sign saying Bongmu Park.  I was a bit intrigued.  Then I was looking at info on the new Industrial (not 100% sure that it will be all industrial but for the sake of this blog that is what I am calling it.) center where my school is being built and I saw this gigantor lake labeled Bongmu Park.  Thinking that being near a lake would be a great escape from the high heat and humidity I suggested to Adam that we go check it out and finally last Sunday we drove by it.  It was PACKED.  Apparently, Koreans, big on health and wellness go to Bongmu Park to hike, bike, swim, boat... you name it.  They even had gym-like set ups of workout equipment at intervals on the trails so you can get your health and wellness in, as if walking the trails weren't enough exercise, and the old men and women were making the most of the equipment too.  It sort of reminded me of the stuff you see at Curves. Also, to help motivate you the lamp posts had music playing from them.  It was awesome.

Me next to the lake at the start of our hike.
Adam and I were typical tourists and hiked the trails with our cameras and took pictures of the various things we saw.  It was a beautiful hike and we plan to go back on the weekends and explore more.  We took the shortest trail (4km ~ 2.4mi) because it was so hot and humid and we hadn't come completely prepared to hike anywhere substantial.  There is a clear cut area on the mountain where there is a lone tree that Adam has named Tom and that he wants to try and hike to.  I think it looks REALLY far away and will not be reminding Adam of his need to meet Tom.  There are other more difficult trails than the one we took... they are longer and more hilly and I imagine we will be exploring those in another adventure out there.
Adam at the start of the hike.

Also, at the park is a garden area where it is landscaped with really pretty flowers that they grow there in green houses.  We didn't explore this area but plan to in the future.  The other areas we didn't explore were a science type building that had a butterfly exhibit and a "water park" with peddle boats and other water activities.
The road leading up to the park is lined with street vendors who sell fruit and street food, ie. beetles.  Adam thought one lady was selling smoothies and when he got up close and saw the bugs he wasn't in need of a smoothie anymore.  He has tried the beetles before and doesn't feel the need to have anymore.
Here are a few more pictures we took and definitely not all.

The lake from the backside.
Flower pic taken by Adam.
Butterfly on a flower taken by ME.

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