Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google Docs Forms for Blog Giveaways


I saw this on a blog recently and thought it was really neat.  It is an easy peasy entry form for your  blog giveaways.  It keeps tracks of entries for you and is completely anonymous... no more need for long list of comments with everyone's info out there.  The answers are even kept for you in a spreadsheet that can be downloaded in to an excel spreadsheet (that can do randomization for selection but that isn't today's topic, maybe another time).  If you need help or have any questions email me.

Anyway, here is what you do:
1.  Go to Google Docs
2.  Select Create New - Forms
    This will take you to the Edit Forms page in a new tab or window.
3.  Create the questions you want to have answered.
    I have included a sample form like the one I saw on another blog but really the sky's limit here.  Ask           anything you want but a minimum of names and emails would  be necessary.

4.  Choose a theme (there are 95 to pick from).

5.  Change the Confirmation Message
    Under More Actions you can also edit the confirmation that the entrants will see when they complete your form.
6.  Save.
7.  Embed the form in your blog (or link to it).
    The link information is always at the bottom of the Edit Forms page (I linked above).
    To Embed select More Actions - Embed, Copy and Paste in your Edit HTML section (I embeded below).
8.  Review your responses.
    From your Edit Forms window select See Responses.  Choose either Summary or Spreadsheet.

    The spreadsheet view is also available for you view on your main screen of Google Docs.  (This can be exported to your computer by selecting Download As... Excel under the File Menu.

*For Demonstration Purposes Only*


Tiffany said...

Very well done!

Julie said...

That looks great! Thanks for sharing :)