Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Show: My Generation

Just watched My Generation.  It is a faux documentary following 9 people 10 years after they were first documented in their senior year of high school.
The 9 people seem to all have gone in completely different paths from what they thought they would be doing for their futures.  The show weaves in real events of the last 10 years including 9/11, Enron, the botched 2000 election.  It is really great to be reminded of the great events of the past and how they have woven them in to the lives of these fictional characters is even better.  The characters are all deep and their current lives are still based on motives from their lives 10 years ago.  In the first episode alone there is a lot of webs and triangles to be sorted out.  I really enjoyed this show the characters are all fascinating and I am really excited where their lives and how they are connected are going to take us.

Highly recommend this show!  Also, if you aren't watching Nikita you need to be.


hmb said...

We watched it last week and I liked it...I think J liked it, too. When both of us like it = MAJOR success!!

I kind of thought it was funny though when the one guy pulls up on his bike for sperm donation. Sweet!

Ashley said...

I watched this online the other night! I'm already hooked!