Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Show: Nikita

Another new show on the CW is Nikita.

If you are thinking, "don't you mean La Femme Nikita," then you are partially right.  This is in the same story vein as the movie and TV show, La Femme Nikita, about a secret government agency that is creating fierce women assassins and Nikita is one that goes rogue.
This telling of the story not only follows Nikita as she tries to take down the said government agency but also follows the agent who is in love with her but tasked to take her down at any cost, and some of the cute as a button recruits inside.
I started this a few nights ago and couldn't sit down in front of the TV to get in to it.  Then finally last night while eating dinner we turned it on and paid attention.  It was really good.  The show has a bit of an Alias feel to it without being Alias.  It is nothing like the former reincarnations and it is actually really good.  If you like spy shows then you will like this show.  It has good looking people duping and double crossing each other to stay alive and get the mission accomplished.  As well as a little bit of love/sex tension thrown in.  I am going to keep watching so give it a try, too.
Nikita airs on Thursday nights after The Vampire Diaries (another one of my favorites).

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