Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Show: Raising Hope

Here is another FOX show for this season.  It is a quirky show about a family (even though it took me a minute to figure out the relationships) who all live together in senile Maw-Maw's (Cloris Leachman) house.  They are all very white trash and would have fit right in on the cast of My Name is Earl.  They even have a dude living in their laundry room in a tent.  Anyway, the lead character, John or Jim I am not sure, hooks up with this girl in his van and in the morning finds out that she is a serial killer who kills her boyfriends and instead of saving her the previous night he really was saving her boyfriend who she was going to kill.  Anyway, when she comes to the table for breakfast the mom (Martha Plimpton) knocks her out with the tv and she goes to jail, sentenced to death.  6 months later she calls her "boyfriend" to the prison and he finds out that she is going to have his child.  Cut to the electric chair chamber and him holding the baby, dressed in a mini prison outfit, while the baby momma is executed.  He takes the baby, named Princess Beyonce by her mom, home and they flounder through making their lives baby proof even though Martha Plimpton wants him to drop the baby off at the Fire House, apparently called a "safe drop."  They end up figuring it all out realizing they need to help each other.

I was intrigued with this show more like you are when you see a car wreck than because it was exceptionally funny.  There were a lot of WTF moments that made me laugh, though.  I think I will watch it for another episode at least because it could go either way.


Natalia said...

Whoa. Who are the writers for that show? Wait, who are the producers?!?!

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

I don't know. Why?

MommyTaco said...

I watched it tonight, and will be watching again next week to make a more solid choice. For now I am going with a thumbs up, there were plenty of quirky moments that made me laugh out loud and it kept my interest even after commercial breaks