Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 24

Day Twenty-four is another whatever tickles your fancy day.

I am going to talk about my nephews.  They are pretty awesome.  I haven't met the newest one, CJ (born in July), yet, because of being in Korea and all but he has got to be just as awesome as his big brother, DJ (1 year), or as we call him, "The Outlaw".  The other nephews are the twins, CP and JG (3 years).  They are the first Dub-Yuh grandkids and quite the little duo.

These nephews are all from Adam's sisters because to my mother's despair there are no "Mc" grandbabies yet.
DJ and  CJ

CP and JG

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*~BrittDill~* said...

So cute! I just became and aunt 6 months ago to a little boy, and that little bugger stole my heart!