Friday, September 24, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 25

Day 25 is a favorite photo of your best friend.

I have many best friends.  They all represent special times in my life and I am still very close to them now.  Those who aren't my family are like my family in every sense of the word except that we aren't blood related.
First, my hubby.
Love this picture of him with Bubbles.
My mom is another one of my best friends.
Mom outside her favorite shop at Pike Place Market (Piroshky Piroshky).

Tasha is my best friend from when I was in the 7th grade even though we have been friends since we were 7.
Halloween at the DQ.
My best friend while I was in college was Kate.
We used to go for drives when we got bored or were ditching class and explore the Palouse.
Lastly, my sister Amber.  Okay, she isn't really my sister since I only have a brother but I feel like she is my sister minus the whole growing up together thing.  We try to get together once a year and go Vegas but being I am out of country we won't be doing that for a few years.
I loved the Coke store but that Bear creeped me out and he knew it.

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MommyTaco said...

Crabby Likes!

p.s. my capcha says winest. fitting that it would give me something with wine in it for your blog :)