30 Days of Me

Okay, I have seen this around blogtown but wasn't sure if I would have the time and focus for it but I am still intrigued so I thought I would give it a try.  Check here for links to the posts for each day.

Day 01 - your favorite song
Day 02 - your favorite movie
Day 03 - your favorite television program
Day 04 - your favorite book
Day 05 - your favorite quote
Day 06 - whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 - a photo that makes you happy
Day 08 - a photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 - a photo you took
Day 10 - a photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 - a photo of you taken recently
Day 12 - whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 - a fictional book
Day 14 - a non-fictional book
Day 15 - a fanfic a poem written by you (I had to change this one because I find fanfics weird.)
Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 - an art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18 - whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 - a talent of yours
Day 20 - a hobby of yours
Day 21 - a recipe
Day 22 - a website
Day 23 - a YouTube video
Day 24 - whatever tickles your fancy

*Note: I have decided to cut this "in great detail" crap because no one spends the time reading it or really cares.  I have scoured the web to fill the last 6 days (and thankfully replace another GD whatever tickles your fancy day).*
Day 25 - your day, in great detail
Your favourite photograph of your best friend.
Day 26 - your week, in great detail A photo of your favorite place to eat.
Day 27 - this month, in great detail Your celebrity crush.
Day 28 - this year, in great detail
A photo of you and your family.
Day 29 - hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
What’s in your purse?
Day 30 - whatever tickles your fancy A photograph of yourself today + three things that you have learned in the past 30 days