Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 01

Day One is My Favorite Song

Oh! This isn't starting off easy is it?  I have a few favorite songs.  I am going to pick a fun one and not a depressing or deeply philosophical one.

I love Frank Sinatra.  I love Musicals.  I love when Frank Sinatra sang songs from Musicals.  One of my favorite musicals is Guys and Dolls with Frankie and Brando.  LOVE IT, RENT IT!  So, my song is logically "Luck Be a Lady."

When I was in college I gained a best friend, Kate, through our love of Frank Sinatra and the other crooners.  We also both loved Guys and Dolls and would watch the movie over and over.  We even made one of her boyfriends, whom I didn't like, watch the movie with us and he made fun of it the whole time and so she had to kick him to the curb after that.  I used to dance around our dorm floor doing this crazy dance that looked sort of like I was playing craps.  It was awesome!

This summer she got married in a beautiful ceremony in a field in Sun Valley, Idaho.  The wedding wouldn't have been complete without a little Frank and I chose this song.  We both took to the dance floor together and did a fun little dance until her new niece cut in and ended the fun.  It was a great way to end the beautiful day with my best friend and send her off in to a new life.
Walking down the aisle for Kate's SV wedding.
The wedding party for Kate's SV wedding.

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hmb said...

Frank Sinatra rocks! My grandmother is from NYC and is always going around the house in her bath robe singing "New York, New York"