Sunday, September 19, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 20

Day twenty is a hobby of yours.

I am a knitter.  I taught myself how to do it one winter in Alaska while house-sitting to keep  myself busy when I was house ridden due to the snow.  I am pretty lazy knitter, though.  Although I have the skill to do any pattern you give me I don't like to do that.  I like to use knitting as a way to keep my hands busy and I don't really want it to take too much concentration.  I stick to making scarves and blankets mostly because I can whip them out in no time.  I have been known to make a baby sweater or two, doggie sweaters and an occasional hat.
I have been on a knitting hiatus since moving.  I really need to finish a baby blanket I started knitting when a friend had her baby back in July but I have just not had any motivation.  The little girl will be grown at the rate I am going.  Oh well.  One day I will sit down and whip out the last bit.
But then there is the problem with the finishing touches.  I hate sewing the ends in to the cloth.  I just hate it.  I do love it when my Mother in law comes 'round and does it for me though... but since we are in Korea I doubt that will happen any time soon.
I have a great yarn collection but doesn't any knitter?  Who knows when you might need baby pink boucle' yarn, right?  I had to stop myself from going to Hobby Lobby unless I actually had a project because I have two baskets full of yarn and no place to put any more.
Anyone else have a hobby like this??


Ashley said...

I'm a crocheter myself and I've had a project that I've been meaning to finish for oh, five years now. It's this blanket I was making for my husband. I just need to attach the pieces and it will be done. That's easier said that done when you are demotivated.

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

I hate the finishing part the most... it's just not fun.

MommyTaco said...

i am the same way about the finishing touches. i HATE tying in the ends, and i think it is worse with crochet since a lot of what i have done involves granny squares that have to be pieced together and have many many colors. the blanket i keep on the back of my couch was done about 2 years ago and still i have not brought myself to tie in any of the ends. prob never will. will your MIL come visit me? i could use her help determining the pattern of some blankets a friend gave me. i offered to finish them, as her mom was knitting them before she passed from cancer.

i have a huge stash of unused yarn that i bought just because it was a)cute and b)on sale. also in the stash are more UFO's (unfinished objects) than i have ever completed. started a baby blanket a few weeks ago and am praying i know where the rest of the yarn is since my stash has been divided during the move and i haven't unpacked or sorted everything still....a year later.

p.s. thanks for teaching me to knit :)

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

Hey! You were an awesome student and you know how I love to teach. I wonder if Madhu still knits since she was my other student. You can bring your UFO's to my house and we can have a finishing party.